Photo of Andrii Slis

Andrii Slis

MS-student Cherkasy State Technological University
Work Phone: +380931451133 Home Phone: +48733804483

Professional Bio

Finished level of education: Bachelor in Chemical Technologies, 06/06/17

Current position: MS-student

Fields of interest/research areas: Electrochemistry, hydrogen production by electrolysis of water, development of low cost and effective catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction and oxygen evolution reaction, complex coagulation systems based on chitosan for using in water treatment processes.

Looking for: job opportunities

List of publications:

  1. Using electrochemical methods for determining the degree of deacetylation of chitosan/ ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry – 1st ISE Regional Student Meeting in Ukraine. – Kyiv, Ukraine. – 2016, p.34-39.
  2. Research of drinking water on the content of iron by the spectrophotometric method of analysis // Scientific Ukraine. Collection of materials of the All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference with International Participation. – Dnipropetrovsk: SeKum Software, 2015. p.732-734.
  3. Prospects of Using Complex Coagulation Systems Based on Chitosan in Water treatment Processes/Water resources and climate: reports of V International Water Forum: in 2 parts – Minsk: BSTU, 2017. – part 2 p.87-90.

Short presentation:

I am a Master student of Cherkasy State Technological University in “Chemical Technologies and Water treatment”. Currently studying in University of Warmia and Mazury (Olsztyn, Poland) in frame of Erasmus+ students mobility program provided by “Water Harmony Erasmus+” project. In future, i would like to become an expert in area of production pure hydrogen energy.