China … And what thoughts do you have when you hear this word? Associations are different. Someone are associated with greatness, and some vice versa – with poor quality or fake. However, I assure you, in fact, everything is not so there, but on the contrary, the present, open, sincere. And now I invite you to read about the amazing journey that happened this summer as part of the Water Harmony ERASMUS + project ( with postgraduate student of the TNR E department Makarova Anna and 5-TNR-12 student of the Mahina Anastasia.

The first inconvenience that has befallen us is the road. A flight on a 12-hour plane is still a test, but even it was imperceptible amid the emotions that we experienced on our way to China. By the way, this was our first flight experience on an airbus, a huge plane that impresses with its appearance.

Arriving at the destination, we were very hospitably met by students of Qingdao University of Technology. And, on the way we managed to get acquainted with the project participants from other cities of Ukraine. Ukrainian students were very lucky, because we arrived a day earlier than participants from other countries, and therefore had a little more time to explore the city. Knowing that the city of Qingdao is washed by the Yellow Sea, we decided going to the beach. The view of the city that opens from the shore is incredible. The next day, we began very interesting lectures. And also the class schedule was successfully chosen. At lunchtime, we were given more time to process the material that was listened to in the morning or just to sleep.

Every day after the end of the lecture, we went to explore the city, find various interesting places and just enjoy the views.

On our first weekend, the project organizers planned a trip to another city it was the Jinan. And the Chinese girls decided to make us a very rich program for a good time. On the first day – it was a trip to the mountain. Climbing to the top, we just froze on the beauty of the landscapes that we saw. It was something incredible. And the next day we went on a tour of the lake and the night market.

Returning to Qingdao, we were awaited by a course of interesting laboratory work that lasted a week. We saw and learned to work with some new devices for us.

The week passed very quickly and we were looking forward to the weekend. The organizers of the first weekend prepared for us a bus trip of the most beautiful places. We went to the island, from which Qingdao is clearly visible. Saw local hotels and a large number of seascapes. And in the afternoon we were brought to the Chinese villa, where there were so many different games and other interesting things. Probably you all know that the Ukrainians are irresistible. Leaving for this city we looked at the list of its most interesting places. And one of the most beautiful was the mountain complex Lao Shan 1200 meters high. Having learned how to get there, we without a doubt immediately went there. Of course, it is very difficult to climb mountains, but the views that we saw there were worth it. Incredible atmosphere, amazing mountains, waterfalls and streams – all this can be seen only in China.

The next week was very dynamic, because every day we visited the wastewater treatment plants and learned how to use this knowledge in practice.

The last day we remember a very pleasant dinner and chat with all participants in the project. Both students and teachers sat at the same table and we did not feel any discomfort at all.

We also want to say a few words about culture and people. The Chinese are really very interesting and sincere people. They are open and accommodating. Their culture is as multifaceted as ours. It is interesting to talk with them. However, most of them do not know English and the only means of communication on the streets for us was speech gestures. At first, we felt strangely trying to explain what we wanted in the store, but quickly got used to it.

Food. This is just a separate topic in China. Especially for European people who are not used to this at all. Everything is very spicy, fried and in strange sauces and from amazing foods. At first, it was interesting for us to try everything that was possible, but later we wanted the usual food. And in the past few days it has turned into a real test. But we coped with this.

It is impossible to convey in words the emotions that we felt there. They will remain in our memory forever. This is an invaluable experience, new knowledge, new acquaintances. Therefore, we sincerely want to thank the project Water Harmony ERASMUS +, teachers and students of Qingdao University of Technology, teachers of the Inorganic Chemistry and Ecology departments – project participants – Smotraev Roman Vasilyevich and Sorochkina Ekaterina Alexandrovna and all the organizers who made this trip possible. And all students want to wish only one thing – do not lose a single opportunity in your life.

Students-participants of the mobility from
Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology (Dnipro, Ukraine)