Photo of Xuejun Bi

Xuejun Bi

Professor, PhD/Postdoctoral Qingdao Technological University
Work address: Fushun Road 11 Shibei Qingdao 266033 China

Professional Bio

Professional career

  • 1991 – 1995 – Vice manager of Water Supply and Sewage laboratory in Qingdao Institute of Architecture and Engineering;
  • since 2004 :  Full Professor for Water and Wastewater Technology at Qingdao Technological University;
  • The Chief Expert of Municipal Engineering Key Discipline in Shandong Province;
  • Head of the Key Laboratory of New Environmental Protection Technology in Qingdao;
  • Head of the ResearchCenterof Urban Aqua Environmental Pollution Controlin Qingdao;
  • Head of the International Cooperation Base of Urban Aqua Environmental Pollution Control in Qingdao.

Research interests

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Wastewater Reuse
  • Membrane Bioreactor Technologyand Membrane Filtration Technology
  • Semi-centralized Sanitation Systems
  • Oxygen Transfer

Also Prof. Xuejun  BI  is appointed member of the following technical committees:

  • Committee memberof Water supply and drainage council of civil engineering institution in shandong province
  • Committee member of environmental protection industry association in Shandong province
  • Member of academic committee of the key laboratoryfor material amd chemical safety testing technology in Shandong province
  • Member of academic committee of the key laboratory for oilfield produced water treatment and environmental pollution control enterprise in Shandong province

and the member of:

  • International Water Association, London
  • Senior member of China environmental science society, China.


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